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FEMA Flood Map Updates effective January 29, 2021


On January 29, 2021, FEMA will finally announce flood map changes for Charleston-area residents. Overall, the new studies have shown a decreased risk of flooding for most areas of Charleston and more than 80,000 buildings have been re-zoned. In many cases, these changes will result in either a decrease in flood premiums; the flood insurance requirement becoming optional; or the ability to leave the private flood market and have access to FEMA flood offerings at a much more reasonable rate.  These map revisions will also affect builders and their new construction height requirements, most lower than the current standard.  Lastly, FEMA’s flood insurance rules for storm damage have been updated to state that homes needing repairs due to storm damage beyond 50% of their value have to meet FEMA’s base height requirement when repaired. To see the proposed new flood insurance rate maps, click this link

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