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7/6/2022 Update: Link to Machine-Readable Files for Health Benefit Plans without Website

For health benefit plans that do not have a public website, Star Marketing and Administration, Inc., will host machine-readable files for each group on our publicly accessible website. Groups can search for their machine-readable files via the “Machine-Readable Files” link at the bottom of our Federal Mandates web page.

6/28/2022 Email: Plans Must Post this Link on a Public Website

As required by the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule, your group health benefit plan must post the following link on a public website by July 1, 2022:

Although there may be an error message now when you click on the link, the link is correct. The link will become active on or about June 30 or July 1. You will not have to update or repost the link on your end; all updates will be automatic.

Why must the link be posted?

For plan years beginning Jan. 1, 2022, the rule requires non-grandfathered employer-sponsored group health benefit plans to disclose information in machine-readable files on a public website and to update them monthly. Files are required for in-network rates and out-of-network allowed amounts and billed amounts.

Please note: Machine-readable files for out-of-network allowed amounts and billed amounts will be available via the link on or about June 30 or July 1. Machine-readable files for in-network rates will be updated and made available, also via the link, when provided by the contracted PPO networks.

For more information on federal mandates, visit this page.

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